The Future of Work

June 25, 2020


What the Workforce of Tomorrow Looks Like
Predictions and key trends

The following is an extract from “ING Future Focus: Preparing for the digital workforce of tomorrow” 
Published May 2020


• Robots join the team – digital connectedness will thrive, from robots and drones utilised in healthcare, to tech connecting people who are separated.
• STEMpathy will get you hired – whilst some machines might take over old jobs, emotional intelligence is not something that can be programmed. It will be important for people to have multiple skill sets that combine creativity and entrepreneurship with digital technologies.
• Eco companies will lead the way – as we look to tomorrow, businesses that focus on sustainability, renewable energy and carbon neutrality will be the leaders of our new economy.
• EdTech the new normal – within schools and workplaces we will continue to gain access to world-class mentors and teachers through hybrid education models that fuse virtual learning with face-to-face.
• Your wellbeing is the priority – we will see workplaces place greater emphasis on mental health and wellbeing, including access to online therapy, mediation apps and dedicated wellbeing spaces.
• A home office will be common place – as more workplaces offer the opportunity to work from home, we will see a rise in those looking to build or buy properties with home offices.
• Those who can adapt quickly will thrive – whilst niche skills will still be needed, it will become increasingly important for people to diversify their skill sets and continue to learn outside of traditional education to ensure they are flexible and ready for change.

Top 10 Growing Industries

1. BioTech, Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences 2. Cyber Security 3. Healthcare 4. Robotics 5. Agriculture 6. Renewable Energy 7. Sustainability and Wellness 8. Grocery Delivery 9. EdTech 10. Digital Entertainment

Top 20 Emerging Jobs

  1. Medical Tele-Storyteller
  2. Financial Coach
  3. Black Swan Risk Manager
  4. Agricultural Technologist
  5. Sustainability
  6. Industrial Robotics
  7. Executive Creativity
  8. Cyber Security Defender
  9. Digital Literacy Coach
  10. Nurse
  11. Digital Ethicist
  12. Supply Chain Re-Designer
  13. Business(War)games Designer
  14. Transformation Manager
  15. Business Model Re-Designer
  16. Trust Officer
  17. Artificial Resource Manager
  18. Scaleable Psychologist
  19. Home Office Interior Designer
  20. Survival / Prepper Mentor

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