Student Loan and Fees Free


Student Loan and Student Allowance provided by Studylink

Mrs Blake will run workshops after school in September to assist you in making your application. Please make sure that you have your IRD and bank account numbers.

   Student Loans

   Student Allowance

Studylink is on Facebook –

They will be using it to share information about the costs of study, budgeting, trades training, fees-free study, how allowances and loans work and alternatives to study like working or taking a gap year.

Follow StudyLink’s ‘Get Ready for Study’ page for help while figuring out your next steps.

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Funding tertiary study

Information about student loans

   ebook about student loans and allowances – recommended!

Postal address:

PO Box 38610
Lower Hutt, 5045

Money Hub has released a comprehensive guide to Student Loans

   Read guide here


Fees Free Guide

The following is a guide to the Fees-free policy. 
AFTER  01 OCTOBER, with your NSN number, go to the Fees-free site to check your eligibility.
This is all you need to do 🙂
If you receive a request to complete a Statutory Declaration, see/contact Mrs Blake. 
Eligibility Test