PwC Scholarships

July 21, 2020

PwC have two categories of School Scholarships to help give young Kiwi talent the best start possible by providing financial support during university, a mentor and an opportunity to apply for a paid Summer Internship. They are not only looking for Accounting students, we are keen to see those studying IT, Economics, Languages and Science to name a few. Our two Scholarships are as follows:


PwC School Scholarship


5 x PwC School Scholarships will be offered to support students who are facing financial and personal hardship circumstances, restricting the student’s ability to enter tertiary education. This Scholarship is focused on giving local talent the best start possible by providing financial support during university and having a PwC mentor.


Mā te huruhuru ka rere te manu Scholarship


Adorn the bird with feathers so it can fly

If we give the bird what it needs then it will thrive


2 x Scholarships will be offered to young Māori talent, these are new scholarships and were created in partnership with our Manukura Māori Business Team.


They are looking for students who want to have a meaningful career where they can be themselves and make their own mark on the world. More information on our eligibility criteria can be found here


Please note:

  • Any number of students are allowed to apply (providing they are eligible) to the Scholarship Programme; there is no cap in terms of applicant numbers per school.
  • There is an opportunity for students with financial or personal hardship to highlight their circumstances as part of the online application. This is for students who without a Scholarship may struggle to attend University.

Please find below key dates for our scholarships:

Applications will open July 20th and students will need to submit an online application – Information on How to Apply can be found here