Tertiary Applications News

Newsletter issued 14 June 2021

Important Information for Tertiary ApplicationsĀ 

Course Enrolments

General course applications close in early December. However, restricted entry and performance-related courses close earlier and may require an interview, portfolio or audition. Most universities do not open enrolments until Term 3. Representatives will visit school in Term 3 to explain their enrolment processes.


Students can begin investigating scholarships now. Guidelines and links to databases are available on the Iona Careers website https://ionacollege.careerwise.school .Students have had support in beginning to construct a personal statement and there are also pages under the Resources tab providing guidance.


Hostel Applications do not open until August and should be completed by 15 September. More information will be provided in Term 3. However, please be aware that first round places will be offered in early October. A deposit of around $900 will be required by about Labour Weekend to secure a place, most of which is refundable if plans change. A larger deposit of around $8000 is required by most hostels in January to meet the shortfall between what can be borrowed from the student loan scheme and the actual cost of hostels.

Student Loans

Students will have the opportunity to attend a workshop at school in Term 3 to apply for a student loan. They will need to know their IRD and bank account numbers.

First Year Fees Free

Applying for First Year Fees Free will be done at school in Term 4.

Students should contact Mrs Blake if they need assistance with, or information about, any of these processes: careers@iona.school.nz , by phone or in person.