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PwC Scholarships

PwC have two categories of School Scholarships to help give young Kiwi talent the best start possible by providing financial support during university, a mentor and an opportunity to apply for a paid Summer Internship. They are not only looking for Accounting students, we are keen to see those studying IT, Economics, Languages and Science to name a few. Our two Scholarships are as follows:


PwC School Scholarship


5 x PwC School Scholarships will be offered to support students who are facing financial and personal hardship circumstances, restricting the student’s ability to enter tertiary education. This Scholarship is focused on giving local talent the best start possible by providing financial support during university and having a PwC mentor.


Mā te huruhuru ka rere te manu Scholarship


Adorn the bird with feathers so it can fly

If we give the bird what it needs then it will thrive


2 x Scholarships will be offered to young Māori talent, these are new scholarships and were created in partnership with our Manukura Māori Business Team.


They are looking for students who want to have a meaningful career where they can be themselves and make their own mark on the world. More information on our eligibility criteria can be found here


Please note:

  • Any number of students are allowed to apply (providing they are eligible) to the Scholarship Programme; there is no cap in terms of applicant numbers per school.
  • There is an opportunity for students with financial or personal hardship to highlight their circumstances as part of the online application. This is for students who without a Scholarship may struggle to attend University.

Please find below key dates for our scholarships:

Applications will open July 20th and students will need to submit an online application – Information on How to Apply can be found here

Astronomy Conference Scholarship

Astronomy Conference

The Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand (RASNZ) offers 10 to 15 top secondary students who are NZ citizens and at secondary school anywhere in New Zealand scholarships to enable them to attend the RASNZ annual astronomy conference, which will take place this year in Wellington, Friday 23 (afternoon) to Sunday 25 October 2020 (about 4 pm) – provided Covid-19 doesn’t affect our plans.

The scholarships comprise free registration for the conference (value $265), free travel from their home to Wellington*, free backpacker accommodation in Wellington for 23 and 24 October*, and a free banquet ticket for the conference banquet on Saturday 24 October (value $95). Students in years 13, 12 or 11 may apply. 

*Accommodation and travel only if required for non-Wellington residents

 To be considered, students should email a short statement of no more than 300 words explaining why they would like to attend the conference and why they are interested in astronomy. This statement should be sent to RASNZ Immediate-Past President, John Drummond ( ) by Friday 7th August 2020, 8 pm.

Include your name, gender, age, school, year of study at school in 2020, city, email address, telephone contact and science teacher’s name, phone and email. For more detail see the RASNZ webpage –

Money Hub Scholarship Database

University Scholarships for Year 13 Students
MoneyHub, a consumer finance website, has published a guide to hundreds of scholarships for any student planning to start university in 2021. The comprehensive list includes scholarships offered by every university as well as those specifically available to local students. A list of privately-funded, Maori, Pacific and International university scholarships completes the list. Applications close throughout the year, with tens of millions of dollars available. MoneyHub has also published a list of tips for scholarship success.

View database here

Forestry Scholarships for Canterbury Degrees

Applications for Ngā Karahipi Uru Rākau – Forestry Scholarships are now open, for study beginning in the 2021 academic year. 

Eight scholarships are available valued at $8,000 per year per student,  encouraging Māori and women to study the following degrees at University of Canterbury:

  • Bachelor of Forestry Science or
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) with a major in Forest Engineering

These scholarships allow Māori (any gender) and women (any ethnicity) to study and start careers in the forestry sector, making New Zealand’s forestry workforce more diverse.

Forestry Scholarship leaflet

Massey University Scholarships

Massey University Scholarships are now open

The Massey University School Leaver Scholarships are now open and they can be found on primary scholarships for high school students at the very front of the scholarships page –

Online applications can be accessed by clicking on the links for each scholarship and scrolling to the bottom for application information.

What’s available?

What are the timelines?

All of these scholarships are open for applications now, and will close on 20th August. 

Guidelines for Massey Scholarship Applicants[4][1]


Keystone Trust Scholarship

Keystone trust offers scholarships for tertiary programmes such as: Property, architecture, land surveying, engineering, construction, property law, landscape architecture, quantity surveying, urban planning, building science.

Receive financial assistance of $5,000 per annum for a period of three years.

Applications for scholarship for study in 2021 open 2 June 2020 and close 14 August 2020.

Keystone scholarship 2020

Guidelines for Scholarship Applications


Scholarship applications take time and require effort. However, in the past, some people have been awarded more than one so the effort can be well rewarded. A little time now can save hours of working (washing dishes etc!) to earn extra income in the future.


Check regularly for available scholarships:

  • On tertiary institution websites
  • On Databases (see links on Iona Careers website)


You will be notified of other scholarship opportunities as information comes to hand.




    Check closing dates carefully and ensure that you provide all required information and    documentation. 

    Approach referees at least two weeks, maybe more, before the reference is due.

   References are confidential – in other words, you do not see them as referees send them directly to the organisation.



Tips for completing applications

  • Choose referees carefully – ones who are appropriate to the criteria stated in the application instructions.       (See information below re references.)
  • If documents are requested, provide them in the order requested.
  • Do not send original documents. Send verified copies * (See end of guidelines.)
  • If you are handwriting the application, use the same pen and style of handwriting throughout.
  • Have someone proofread your personal statement. 
  • Only provide a CV if it is requested.
  • Allow plenty of time for postal delivery. Late applications are not accepted. The cut off time is usually 5pm on the closing date.
  • Check to make sure you have completed all sections and included all information requested.
  • See Writing a Personal Statement under the Resources tab

    Writing a Personal Statement



You will need references when you are applying for:

  • jobs 
  • courses 
  • scholarships. 

(Note:   References for hostels are completed by the school and sent directly to the appropriate institutions. So there is NO NEED TO FIND A REFEREE for hostel applications.)


References are “confidential” – in other words you are not able to see them. This means that the person completing it will send it directly to whomever has requested a reference.


Start thinking about whom you could ask. Principal, Dean, teachers, coaches, employers are common examples. Different referees may be required for different applications. For example, if you are applying for a sports scholarship, then your coach may be a relevant choice. Whereas an academic scholarship might be your Dean; a leadership scholarship, the principal.


Please give the referee plenty of notice – they need time to think carefully about the wonderful things they can write about you! Give them all the details of the reason for your request:


  • The criteria of the scholarship.
  • When it is due.
  • Where to send it. (Some are now done by email request to the referee.)
  • Thank them for their time.


*Verified Copies (outside of lockdown!)

To obtain a verified copy, you must take BOTH the original document AND copy/copies you have made to a Justice of the Peace or School Principal (except for documents going to Auckland or Otago Universities who specify a JP). They will stamp and sign the copies to verify that they are genuine copies. You can then send the copy to support your application.

JPs are available at pre-scheduled, regular times at local libraries or their homes if you make a personal arrangement. Please thank them for their time.

It is advisable to have your birth certificate or front page of your passport verified and also your ROA. If you are likely to apply to more than one institution, get more than one copy verified. You CANNOT COPY a verified copy.

Check with Mrs Blake if you are unsure about copies.



UC(Canterbury) Scholarships

Canterbury University has just updated their scholarship information.

This can be found here.

Note: when searching the database, look for undergraduate scholarships.