Month: August 2017

New Degree: Bachelor of Health Sciences

Otago University:

The Bachelor of Health Sciences is a three-year degree for those
who want to work in health in the areas of public health, Māori
health, Pacific health, or as case managers or care co-ordinators
in the healthcare system. There is an increasing need for public
health approaches as we face important health challenges such
as an ageing population, increases in chronic diseases such as
diabetes mellitus, limited health resources, and environmental
change and its effects on health. Future health care will see more
individual care delivered in the community, and new health care
roles will be developed in order to deliver care differently, and help
individuals negotiate the jigsaw of services available to patients in
the community. This qualification focuses on the skills to work with
patients and communities to promote health, access health-related
information, and ensure patients are accessing and receiving the
most appropriate care for their conditions.